[Rd] overflow in RExcel (PR#7368)

From: <isto.aho_at_kolumbus.fi>
Date: Mon 15 Nov 2004 - 02:43:15 EST

Full_Name: Isto Aho
Version: 2.0.0
OS: Windows XP
Submission from: (NULL) (


The bug can be reproduced as follows. Install R 2.0.0 and RExcel. Take an excel sheet having 65000 rows and 11 columns, integer values.

Give the 'context' command 'put R val' for the large enough selection of rows. (I didn't check, how many are needed, but it seems that 10000 rows will suffice.)

When trying to 'Get R val', there will be an error. (If there are too much rows, RExcel will just hang.)

Some of the VBA routines seemed to have integer indeces. Could this be the source of problems?

I would need this on next week (by wednesday 17.11.2004), but I'm afraid that it is impossible to get this fixed in this short time. (I don't know how to do this myself and don't have enough time to learn.)

In any case, for future use, it would be nice to be able to use matrices having 65000 rows with RExcel.

Best wishes, Isto

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