Re: [Rd] Building Packages on Windows using .Rbuildignore (PR#7379)

From: <>
Date: Fri 19 Nov 2004 - 02:36:03 EST

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 00:38:47 +0000 (UTC), Gabor Grothendieck <> wrote :

>The reason that the processing is different according to whether one
>uses .Rbuildignore or not is that
> R CMD build
>takes the .Rbuildignore file into account but
> R CMD install
> R CMD check
> R CMD build --binary
>do not take .Rbuildignore into account.

Okay, now I understand. I think I'd call the last of those a bug, and it would seem to me that the install and check scripts should also respect this directive. I've now copied this to the r-bugs list. (This was reported for Windows; I don't know if it applies to other platforms as well.)

Just for clarification: I can see you would use this when you have S-PLUS code in the same directory as R code, and you don't want to include that in an R build. Are there other files that must be excluded?

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