[Rd] Creating vignette pdf on Windows

From: Gabor Grothendieck <ggrothendieck_at_myway.com>
Date: Sat 20 Nov 2004 - 14:01:49 EST

On page 11 of the Extensions manual it says that "R CMD build will automatically create PDF versions of the vignettes for distribution" however, I have not been successful on Windows 2.0.1 beta.

I tried creating a simple package by entering the code in the ?package.skeleton example then adding the Rnw file from the utils package to AnExample\inst\doc but when I ran   R CMD build
it did not seem to create a tex or pdf file. What am I doing wrong?

... In R

R>          f <- function(x,y) x+y
R>          g <- function(x,y) x-y
R>          d <- data.frame(a=1,b=2)
R>          e <- rnorm(1000)
R>          package.skeleton(list=c("f","g","d","e"), name="AnExample")
Creating directories ...
Creating DESCRIPTION ...
Creating READMEs ...
Saving functions and data ...
Making help files ...
Further steps are described in ./AnExample/README

At command line:

C:\>cd \Program Files\R\rw2001beta

C:\Program Files\R\rw2001beta>md AnExample\inst\doc

C:\Program Files\R\rw2001beta>copy library\utils\Sweave\*.Rnw AnExample\inst\doc

        1 file(s) copied.

C:\Program Files\R\rw2001beta>bin\R CMD build AnExample
* checking for file 'AnExample/DESCRIPTION' ... OK

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