Re: [Rd] TeXmacs and R 2.0.0

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Mon 22 Nov 2004 - 10:32:09 EST

"M. Edward Borasky" <> writes:

> In fact, I suggested to the TeXmacs team that they do just that: build a
> source package and submit it to CRAN. I've clearly labelled what I did
> as a workaround every place I've posted about it -- R-devel, the TeXmacs
> list and the "Gentoo Science" list.
> I'm the messenger here, not a developer with any formal status either
> with Gentoo, R or TeXmacs. And I wasn't willing to drop back to R 1.9.1
> to get R sessions in a TeXmacs document. It turned out some anonymous
> user had run into this before me and filed a bug on the TeXmacs bug
> list, which saved me the trouble of doing so.

[I knew that. In fact I had seen your note in the TeXmacs archive when I went looking for the status of the R plugin a bit earlier. I was just stating it a little more than usually authoritarian in style, since I thought you might want to pass it back to the TeXmacs developers.]  

> There is still the issue of sequencing between installs of R and
> TeXmacs. When TeXmacs does its "configure", if it doesn't find R, it has
> to inform the user somehow that if R is installed later, the user will
> need to find the package and install it. It can't install the package
> without R. Nor, of course, can a TeXmacs user start an R session inside
> TeXmacs without R. :)

If there's a source package (and R is setup to install them, which is pretty much a given on Unix/Linux at least), then it's really not much of a problem since TeXmacs can just run "R CMD INSTALL" once R is present, and rerun it as R gets upgraded too.

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