Re: [Rd] data() in data/*.R files

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Mon 29 Nov 2004 - 22:34:30 EST

Robin Hankin wrote:

> Hi
> I'm having difficulty making a package pass R CMD check.
> I need to read in a dataset from another package, modify it, and have the
> modified object available in the first package. help(require) says:
> The source code for a package that requires one or more other
> packages should have a call to 'require', preferably near the
> beginning of the source, and of course before any code that uses
> functions, classes or methods from the other package.
> and 200update.txt points out that the data/*.R files must be self
> sufficient, suggesting "require(pkg, quietly=TRUE, save=FALSE)"
> if needed. My .R file in the data subdirectory looks like this:
> require(calibrator, quietly=TRUE, save=FALSE)
> data(expert.estimates, package="calibrator")
> <paraphrase>
> expert.estimates.modified <- some.function(expert.estimates)
> </paraphrase>
> But if I do this, R CMD check says
> Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : couldn't find function "data"
> Execution halted
> ERROR: installing package indices failed
> Installation failed.
> [the package passes R CMD check if I cut-and-paste a dput and assign
> expert.estimates.modified
> directly, and dispense with the data() statement].
> How do I load a dataset from another package in a .R file, and use it?

You need to require(utils) (the package data() is in), as well as a corresponsing entry in the DESCRIPTION file. Also, for Windows, you may need to add the line ZipData: no
to your DESCRIPTION file, but I am not sure about the latter (and haven't tested yet).


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