Re: [Rd] problems with R-2.01 build with Mandrake 10.1

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Mon 29 Nov 2004 - 23:32:59 EST

Halldor Björnsson <> writes:

> I recently installed Mandrake 10.1 on my laptop, downloaded
> the latest version of R, compiled it and ran it.
> To my surprise I discovered that the X11() command returned
> an error to the effect that X was not available.
> Examining R config.log I noticed that there were several
> complaints about X and tcl in there. Basic include files, such as
> X11/X.h were not found.
> I have previously compiled R-2.0.1 on a RedHat8 station
> and that one ran without any problems.
> Does anyone know if there is an issue pertaining to
> X windows system that might make harder to compile R on
> mandrake than on redhat. Are there any specific rpms that
> need to be included before I can compile R so it includes X
> I understand that Mandrake 10.1 uses Xorg instead of XFree86,
> but am under the impression that these are compatible.

I think Mandrake (like RedHat/Fedora) has a separate X development RPM, which you need to install. (Several other libs have the same convention, so do check the output from configure, and see if anything else went missing.)

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