Re: [Rd] pausing between plots - waiting for graphics input

From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Tue 07 Dec 2004 - 01:20:17 EST

On Sat, 04 Dec 2004 20:13:01 +0100, Uwe Ligges <> wrote :

>I'm a bit late on this topic, but I'd like to bring up two points that I
>find inconvenient / buggy in the current behaviour of R-devel:
>1) I'm never looking at the windows()'s title, hence I don't see that I
>should press/klick anything. Also, I'm almost never looking at the
>status line (and in SDI mode there is no status line anyway).
>So, I'd like to see a message in the Console as well.

A fix for this one has been committed now.

>2) Let's enter
> par(ask = TRUE)
> plot(1:10)
>and now switch back to the console and hit "Esc" (instead of going to
>the next plot) leaves the Windows device in the state asking for user
>interaction, but it does not respond to any interaction (as expected).

Still working on this...

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