Re: [Rd] Modulus Bug (PR#7409)

From: <>
Date: Thu 09 Dec 2004 - 19:42:12 EST

This is nothing to do with integers: 1e18 and 11 are doubles here.

It is a result of rounding error: 1e18/11 is not representable accurately, and this should have been a warning to you that your calculations were unreasonable.

The C code is

double myfmod(double x1, double x2)

     double q = x1 / x2;
     return x1 - floor(q) * x2;


We can improve the answer, but what you are doing is fundamentally flawed and it is hard to detect whether rounding error has affected this. A warning rather than an error seems appropriate.

If you really want to do things like this, try the gmp package (which seems to give the wrong answer here) or a more appropriate calculator.

On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 wrote:

> R Developers,
> 1000000000000000000 %% 11
> [1] -32
> I now understand that integers cannot be larger than
> .Machine$integer.max, but because the above produces a result than is
> patently wrong instead of an error, I'm reporting this as a bug.

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