RE: [Rd] RE: [R] Testing for S4 objects

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Sun 12 Dec 2004 - 05:56:59 EST

On Sat, 11 Dec 2004, John Fox wrote:

> Thanks for this. I'll give your new definition of isS4object() a try. The
> function is used in my Rcmdr package, which provides a basic-statistics GUI
> for R. When an object -- the result of executing a command -- is printed, I
> test whether it is an S4 object to decide whether to use show() or print().

I think that *if* you have methods attached, it is OK there to always call show(). (You will not be using extra args to print(), e.g. digits, I presume.) show() will call S3 methods for print() if it is given a non-S4 classed object.

(Sorry, if I had realised what this about, I should have said that earlier.)

As I understand it (and I wrote some of it)

     if(tryS4 && isObject(x) && isMethodsDispatchOn()) {
 	SEXP class = getAttrib(x, R_ClassSymbol);
 	if(length(class) == 1) {
 	    /* internal version of isClass() */
 	    char str[201];
 	    snprintf(str, 200, ".__C__%s", CHAR(STRING_ELT(class, 0)));
 	    if(findVar(install(str), rho) != R_UnboundValue)
 		callShow = TRUE;

where tryS4 is to ensure this is tried only once. So an object is an S4 object on which show() is to be called if it has a properly registered (S3 or S4) class (the object bit, tested by isObject) of length one, and the class is registered by the methods code.


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