Re: [Rd] running Sweave from Windows XP Explorer

From: Uwe Ligges <>
Date: Mon 17 Jan 2005 - 01:26:38 EST

Gordon K Smyth wrote:
> I'd like to create a suitable batch file or shortcut so that I can run Sweave on a .Rnw or .Rtex
> file simply by clicking on the file from Windows Explorer in Windows XP (as I do with latex,
> bibtex etc). This looks tantalisingly possible using R CMD BATCH or Rterm possibly in combination
> with a .bat file. Has anyone succeeded is setting it up and would give me a pointer?
> Thanks
> Gordon
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As a very simple starting *idea*, a batch file could look like, e.g.,

   R CMD BATCH --no-save c:/myscripts/MakeSweave.R    texi2dvi --pdf %1.tex
   gsview32 %1.pdf

with MakeSweave.R:

   for(i in list.files(pattern = "\\.Rnw$")) Sweave(i) mailing list Received on Mon Jan 17 00:31:52 2005

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