[Rd] cutPOSIX - change of help page suggestion (PR#7551)

From: <petr.pikal_at_precheza.cz>
Date: Sat 22 Jan 2005 - 00:30:37 EST

Dear R-core people

This is first time I try to send you some suggestion so I hope I use the correct address (and sorry if my english is not optimal:-).

cut.POSIX help page says in arguments section:

right, ... arguments to be passed to or from other methods.

which, if I did not encounter following behaviour earlier and did not get an answer from r-help, would not help me very much in tracking how I can rid of NA from result

> cut(datum[1:5],"day", right=T, include.lowest=T)
[1] 2004-12-06 2004-12-07 2004-12-09 2004-12-12 2004-12-14

> cut(datum[1:5],"day", right=T)

[1] <NA> 2004-12-07 2004-12-09 2004-12-12 2004-12-14

> cut(datum[1:5],"day")

[1] 2004-12-06 2004-12-08 2004-12-10 2004-12-13 <NA>

I would recommend to add something like:

Using both right = TRUE and include.lowest = TRUE will include both ends of your dates range.

Best regards
Petr Pikal

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