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[write WSEAS in the Subject, when you reply]

Dear Colleague,

Hellow, this is from WSEAS Staff.
If your question is not in the following list of questions, we will reply to you shortly.
Please, see now the answer in your all possible questions below Please, note that it will be useful to read all these questions. Maybe, one question does not have any meaning for you now, but it might be of crucial importance after some days. So, read all the QUESTIONS and Answers below, very carefully. It is very important to know everything about your conference/book/journal.


   You have to pay an extra fee of 100 EUR, if you want to receive    the Conference Proceedings + Journal/Book with your paper by EXPRESS, SECURE and REGISTERED Mail.    Due to several failures in the past, we do not use the regular post anylonger, but only    EXPRESS, SAFE and REGISTERED post. For this reason, as well as for the whole secretariat support,    WSEAS puts an extra fee of 100 EUR. You can send it to WSEAS using the same procedure of the registration and using    the form that you can find at: http://www.worldses.org/forms/extrafees.doc    WSEAS really protects you.
   As you know, we have installed the Web Form technology in our 17 servers and it would    be easy to permit the web registration. But, what will be happen,    if your money goes to some hackers? Please, do not trust    INTERNET TRANSACTIONS and do not put the number of your    credit card in any web form. There are several risks.    Do not send money to conference organizers (outside WSEAS) via web forms.    It is of high risk. The only safe procedure is the procedure of WSEAS.

   So, you registration must be:   

   500 EUR if n1+n2+n3+n4+n5 <= 6

   500 +((n1+n2+n3+n4+n5)-6)*100 EUR if n1+n2+n3+n4+n5> 6

    where n1 is the number of your pages in the first paper

          n2 is the number of your pages in the second paper
          n3 is the number of your pages in the third paper
          n4 is the number of your pages in the fourth paper
          n5 is the number of your pages in the fifth paper

   In the above calculation, WSEAS members must replace the "500 EUR" with "450 EUR".

   No, you cannot! If you do not show up in a WSEAS    conference, we will publish your paper in the proceedings    plus Journal or Book (if your paper will be also published    in Journal or Book after the Conference procedings), provided that at least an author from your paper    will make registration for this conference.    Find the file from the folder: http://www.worldses.org/forms    Also, you have to pay the extra fee of 100 EUR, if you want us to sent to you    the Conference Proceedings + Journal with your paper    by SECURE and REGISTERED Post
   See the file: http://www.worldses.org/forms/extrafees.doc    We only publish registered papers. So, please, check    if you sent the registration fees to the organizing committee.    See the relevant files from http://www.worldses.org/forms    Also, you have to pay the extra fee of 100 EUR, if you want us to sent to you    the Conference Proceedings + Journal with your paper    by SECURE and REGISTERED Post
   See the file http://www.worldses.org/forms/extrafees.doc    and send the extra fee of 100 EUR to WSEAS by FAX or a scanned image by email.   We do not accept Abstracts or Draft papers.   We need the full paper with the correct WSEAS format.   See: http://www.worldses.org/drafts/wseas.doc   or http://www.worldses.org/drafts/wseas.pdf   Do not send it to us by email.
  Please, visit the conference web site via:   http://www.wseas.org OR http://www.worldses.org   select the conference that you want
  and submit the full paper via the web interface of the   particular conference
  (click on the link: "Submit a paper")    The paper must contain Original work, adequate references    and comparison with previous methods in the literature,    WSEAS format and excellent English language. We do not accept    overview papers.     Please, download the sample for a CALL FOR PAPERS from:     http://www.worldses.org/drafts/sample.doc     Please, modify it and send it to us by email.     We will upload it on the web as soon as possible.    It is not mandatory. You can find several other hotels using the internet    (www.google.com) or your travel agent.    Unfortunately not. WSEAS is a scientific organization and cannot book    a room for you in the hotel. We provide you with the necessary forms    See: http://www.worldses.org/forms
   but you must contact the hotel yourself.    In every conference, we will have an Overhead Projector (OP),    a Data Projector (LCD), a PC (Personal Computer with Windows XP, Office    and MS Power Point) and a Flip Chart. You can use your computer, if you like    though.    Yes, find now the other colleagues that want to be accomodated in the same room with you in:    http://www.wseas.com/with/share.htm
   If you want to be add yourself on this web page, please, fill in the form:    http://www.wseas.com/with/with.htm    20 minutes (15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions-discussion).    Plenary Lectures and Tutorials last more.    The student fee is the same with the normal fee if you have a paper to present    and publish. If you want to simply attend the    conference and not publish a paper the registration fee is 200 EUR    Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you    with.    You must hold at least Ph.D.
   If you are still a student, you are invited to organize a Special Session with your Professor-Supervisor    or with some other person that is (at least) Ph.D. Holder.   

   4.If you are able to attend the conference, you will also be invited to    chair the session.   

   5. For more than 10 registered papers, you will have more benefits, like free    hotel accomodation and financial support. We can give you details later.

   6. Upgrade of your session in a WorkShop or Conference with more benefits    if you have big participation. Details: http://www.worldses.org/session.htm

   The proposer-tutor must be Full Professor. The Tutorial will be reviewed    by 2 independent reviewers. It is not necessary to be original work. It must    be a wide overview of an area that the tutor has great experience. Send us    your Proposal for Tutorial now by email    The name of A TUTORIAL INSTRUCTOR in a WSEAS CONFERENCE    is included in the COVER of the conference publications (program, proceedings,    post-conference publications) as ASSOCIATE EDITOR and he    participates as member in the INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE.    Post-doc positions are available with HIEST and other collaborating institutes    and universities. http://www.hiest.org    Available: only for Ph.D. holders that do not have some academic position now.    The Benefits are FREE participation in WSEAS Conferences and FREE Publication in WSEAS    TRANSACTIONS. The Selection of Post-Doc fellow is very strict though.

WARNING -- ALERT please, be careful, we have been informed by some colleagues that some other conference organizations (outside WSEAS) and individual organizers (outside WSEAS) use to promise Journals publications in order to attract papers for their conferences. We know for them that after the conference, (atttention: other organizers, not WSEAS) they disappear and they do not publish your papers in their Journals. On the other hand they use to promise publication in Journals (copying the policy of WSEAS with fraud) but the journals are unknown or even when they are known, they never publish papers on them. Please, be careful.

Also, they promise benefits to Session Organizers copying WSEAS, but they cannot provide them, because usually their sessions fail. We have already received complaints about that.

If you were a victim in such great frauds, please, inform us directly to inform all the other colleagues of WSEAS mailing lists. We will keep your name and mailing address secret of course.

Be careful. Only in WSEAS, we can and do publish your papers in the CD-ROM Proceedings plus Journals or Books because we have NOW our own factory in Athens, GREECE. In WSEAS, we have a real professional organization and not an "eventual amateur".

Other Complaints for organizations (we repeat: outside WSEAS) CITATION INDEXES: In WSEAS and only in WSEAS, it is a reality that after a conference, your paper (if it is accepted and regstered of course) it is included in all the major science citation indexes. ISI, ELSEVIER, CSA, AMS. Mathematical Reviews, ELP, NLG, Engineering Index Directory of Published Proceedings, INSPEC (IEE). We have the letters/proofs from all of them.

Unfortunately, they exist some "others" that in an attempt to copy the WSEAS promise publication in Citation Indexes, but they are NOT in the Citation Indexes. Please, report us of your complaints.


  1. Special Issue in a Journal or \Book (after further review)
  2. CD-ROM and
  3. Web Publishing

Our members and registered authors in conferences can browse and DOWNLOAD free all
the WSEAS Proceedings via:

WSEAS Publications participate now in all major science citation indexes. INSPEC (IEE), ISI, ELSEVIER, CSA, AMS. Mathematical Reviews, ELP, NLG, Engineering Index Directory of Published Proceedings,

ATTENTION: Note that this email account: quick-support@wseas.com as well as its automatic reply is only for your needs. (Private). You are not authorized to forward to other persons, except your co-authors in the particular paper and in the particular journal or conference.

Telephone number for emergencies: +30 697 37 43 524

WSEAS Administration
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