Re: [Rd] modules with libtool and -dlpreopen

From: Marcus G. Daniels <>
Date: Thu 03 Feb 2005 - 12:11:30 EST

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

>> Has anyone looked at setting up R to build its modules with libtool's
>> dlpreopen?
>> [libtool -dlpreopen is a facility that allows one to simulate dynamic
>> linking on platforms that lack it.
> No current R platform does.

The static linking workarounds are for a Cray MTA/2, a multithreaded supercomputer. Although having a rather primitive runtime environment (e.g. no dynamic linker), it does have an advanced parallelizing compiler. (The practical usage is kind of fly-by-wire setup using a front-end workstation.) The MTA/2 is fast architecture for memory-intensive applications. mailing list Received on Thu Feb 03 11:17:30 2005

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