Re: [Rd] link to an alias in another package

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Tue 08 Feb 2005 - 18:18:28 EST

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Paul Gilbert wrote:

> In some documentation for a package I am working on I have
>> \code{\link[stats]{varimax}}
>> \code{\link[stats]{promax}}
> The link to varimax works, but not the one to promax. Promax is an alias
> under \name{varimax}. This kind of link works within a package, but I'm not
> sure if it is suppose to work when it is a link to another package. Is this a
> known limitation or bug, or something I should explore more carefully?

Definitely the latter! Don't include [stats] (why are you including it?), or do read the documentation in R-exts:

   There are optional arguments specified as \link[pkg]{foo} and    \link[pkg:bar]{foo} to link to the package pkg with topic (file?)    foo and bar respectively.

so you need \code{\link[stats:varimax]{promax}}. Note the difference between `topic' and `alias' here.

You only need the [] to disambiguate crossreferences, or to refer to packages that might not yet be installed, which does not apply to [stats].

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