[Rd] Crash when R-devel is started from a shortcut

From: <apjaworski_at_mmm.com>
Date: Wed 09 Feb 2005 - 07:47:03 EST


I am in a habit of frequently building R-devel daily snapshots. I use Win2000 Pro system with all the necessary tools installed and the builds usually go without a problem. I also build R-patched snapshots, so my "production" R is up-to-date. Hence, I have two parallel installations of R: R-devel and R-patched. In Windows environmental variables I set R_HOME to my R-patched path. I have shortcuts to both versions of R on my desktop.

Starting from February 7 build, I noticed the following problem. The build itself and the installation (I build the *.exe installer) run with no errors but, when I try to start R-devel from a shortcut, I get "The instruction at 0x77fcc128 referenced memory at 0x00230010. The memory could not be read." error. The same happens when I just go in the Windows Explorer to the bin directory and double-click on the Rgui.exe icon. When I double-click on the Rterm.exe icon, it starts fine in its own terminal window.

When I open a cygwin terminal window, change the directory to .../R-devel/bin and type Rgui.exe from there, it starts with no problem, so I guess something either this is a Windows problem or something else interferes with the proper path.

Any help will be appreciated.


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