Re: [Rd] Environment with no parent?

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Wed 09 Feb 2005 - 09:36:41 EST

Robert Gentleman <> writes:

> And, I think, that a better approach is to implement a proper hash
> table class
> and to then implement environments as hash table + parent (rather than
> the
> current version, which would be environment - parent),

Sounds like a good idea. Environments probably need to be *references* to hash tables plus parent, though.

> but the tuit
> shortage is devastating on this side of the atlantic (possibly due to
> the disadvantageous $/euro exchange rate; I'm sure you all can afford
> more of them :-))

I'm sure my publisher will have suggestions for the use of any tuit that I can get (and they pay in $, notwithstanding the IRS wanting me to spend my copious free time on wrapping up enough red tape to prevent them from taxing income which they are clearly not entitled to do. Puff, pant...)

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