Re: [Rd] Undocumented S4 methods: generic coerce and siglist matrix, Massvector

From: John Chambers <>
Date: Fri 11 Feb 2005 - 07:01:26 EST

Witold Eryk Wolski wrote:
> Hi,
> While checking the package I am getting all the time the following
> complain about the function:
> Undocumented S4 methods:
> generic coerce and siglist matrix,Massvector
> I have not defined the function nowhere in the R files.
> My gues is that this has something to do with the following definition
> of the setAs function.
> setAs("matrix","Massvector"
> ,def= function(from)
> {
> return(new("Massvector",from))
> }
> )

It certainly does. From the documentation of setAs():

With this explanation as background, the function setAs does a fairly obvious computation: It constructs and sets a method for the function coerce with signature c(from, to), using the def argument to define the body of the method.

> The problem is not to cheat the check mechanism. I knew that the warning
> can be elminitad by by defining an alias of this function in one of the
> Rd files.

No cheating seems needed. The setAs() call is part of your software & presumably you document it somewhere. You do have to construct the corresponding alias in the same .Rd file, but it doesn't amount to cheating.

It's true that a user would have to be unusually well-informed to know how to ask for the corresponding documentation explicitly.

> Yours
> Eryk

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