RE: [Rd] getAnywhere and functions starting with "." (PR#7684)

From: <>
Date: Sat 12 Feb 2005 - 13:11:14 EST

>> [MVB] 'getAnywhere' crashes when its argument starts with a period:

> [UL] Has already been fixed, as you can easily see, e.g., from
R-devels NEWS file, section BUG FIXES:

Good, thanks.

It seems quite common for bugs to be reported after they have been fixed in R-devel. This is likely to occur when-- as in the 'getAnywhere' case-- there's no record of the bug in Bug Tracking (I do check before submitting).

Checking R-devel news can be cumbersome-- I couldn't reach the ftp site yesterday, for example, and it's not always feasible to download 12MB-- and many users won't be set up to handle it.

To avoid wasting R-core's time over repeat posts, is there some mileage in R-core adding "fixed in Rdevel" bug reports into the Bug Tracking system, even if there is no prior bug report?


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