Re: [Rd] Wishlist: simple legend options (PR#7400)

From: Gorjanc Gregor <>
Date: Mon 14 Feb 2005 - 11:29:17 EST


I was loooking in R-bugs and found under wishlist-fullfilled wish for "smart" placement of a legend. This has already been done in package gplots in function smartlegend.

One question. This "bug-report" is under wishlist-fullfilled. Is it really fullfilled?

Mail from Elizabeth

It would be nice if legend had the option of some default locations you could choose instead of entering specific coordinates, like "topleft", "topright","topcenter", etc. based on par("usr") coordinates. I know I've wanted it so often I've made my own simple non-robust wrap-around, so I don't have to remember or parse the xjust and yjust options necessary to make it work. Of course there should be the option of entering in your own coordinates.

Also it would be nice to be able to put a optional title inside your legend. Currently I just make my title the first value in my legend vector, and then fix the other options so no symbols plot next to it. But this isn't always a pretty result and can be a pain if your symbols are complicated.


Response to Elizabeth by Duncan Murdoch

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