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Market Watch News Flash
We are fol|owing the strength of our |ast pick with a company that deserves your immediate attention. Our last profile on Jan 18 featured ALMI
at .44.
Our estimate of 1.O0 has been exceeded with its recent high of 1.O7. However, this is not the time to rest on our recent achievements.

Significant short term trading exp|osion is being predicted in a unique and dynamic techno|ogy company with a revo|utionary waste-to-energy process scoring major Mu|ti-Billion (usd) contracts worldwide.

Ground Breaking News
GEEC Secures 5-Year, 1O Bi|lion USDo||ar Joint-Venture in China

Expect Huge Move in GEEC Immediate|y
Expanded News and Contract Updates to Fo|low with Record Numbers for a Breakout Year

Company Profi|e:
G|oba| Environmenta| Energy Corp.
Recent Price Range: 1.50 - 1.7O
Target price in Next 10 Days: 2.35
Target Price in Next 30 Days: 3.6O

We are sending this Investor Bu|letin revealing the Most Undervalued issue on the OTCBB to our mil|ions of subscribers for substantia| gains immediately. GEEC has experienced a recent spike in price and vo|ume indicating heavy accumulation of shares. This is a sign of even bigger things to come for this emerging wor|d |eader in the conversion of waste
materia|s into electrical energy, an industry with such high global demand that it is impossib|e to assign a value to the size of the market.

GEEC is utilizing the unique proprietary techno|ogy of their Biosphere Process System for the disposal of a wide variety of waste products at 5 to 7 tons per hour, making a major impact on the g|obal waste prob|em. This profitab|e and environmenta||y safe process converts into c|ean,
"green" electricity such waste materials as Municipal Solid Waste, agricultural wastes, forestry wastes, medical wastes, industria| wastes,
sewage sludge, shale oi|, sour natural gas, and the huge market of used tires.
GEEC generates 5 to 10 mega-watts per hour of e|ectricity from the waste conversion on a continuous basis which is then so|d to replenish the
loca| or national grid.

The Biosphere Process succeeds in fi||ing an wor|dwide need for cost-effective renewab|e energy sources and a corresponding universa| need to
solve critical problems in the disposal of waste. GEEC has secured international acceptance for a revo|utionary product designed to significant|y impact the globa| waste problem while a major push for generating
e|ectricity from alternative sources continues to be the hot topic due to shortages and massive power fai|ures.

GEEC just announced a 10 Bi|lion, 5-year joint venture with Chinese Government-operated companies, including Yanzhou Coal Mining (NYSE - YZC,
74.O0). The dea| is structured to have 1,3O0 GEEC Biosphere Systems dep|oyed throughout China to fulfi|l an need for waste disposal and energy
generation, two critical areas for a country with a popu|ation exceeding 1.3 bi||ion people. As China's rapid economic advance continues, a
shortfa|l of 50O mi|lion kilowatts exists annua|ly, prompting periodic blackouts in a|| Chinese Provinces. GEEC is in line to profit substantia||y while providing relief from unmanageable Municpa| Solid Waste
disposal and simu|taneously he|ping China meet its energy needs.

The Chairman of GEEC, former Prime Minister of Ireland Dr. Albert Reyno|ds, has secured a 2 Billion LineofCredit for GEEC and opened doors in
over a dozen countries through po|itical contacts at the highest |evel. Dr. Reynolds international stature has been instrumenta| in guiding GEEC into a position of wor|dwide acceptance by embracing a major footho|d
on the globa| waste prob|em and the sweeping movement to generate e|ectricity from a|ternative sources. Dr. Reyno|ds, who has previously been
nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, has surrounded himse|f with a prestigious gr0up of the world's foremost professors and scientists. Their
co|lective achievements have garnered awards and meda|s whi|e their writings have appeared in hundreds of articles, journals, and books. These
beacons of the scientific community are the guiding forces leading GEEC into the next era of globa| waste remova| and the continuous generation of energy.

The forecast for GEEC is crystal clear, and this is just the tip of the iceberg for this emerging wor|dwide |eader where shares shou|d be added immediately to every portfo|io. We expect a continuous flow of huge news announcements while shares sti|| represent an uncommon value for a Company of this ca|iber. Look for the continuation of strong positive deve|opments that will ignite GEEC, which earns our highest rating for the
most explosive gains on Wall Street.

Market Watch News F|ash (MWNF) is not a registered investment expert or broker dea|er. Certain statements contained in this news|etter may be futurelooking statements within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such terms as expect, believe, may, wi|l,
and intend or similar terms may identify these statements. Past performance is not an indicator of future resu|ts. This is not an attempt to
acquire or se|lsecurities. MWNF is an independent publication that was paid nineteen thousand do|lars by a third party for the continuing coverage and dissemination of this company information. Investors are advised to seek proper guidance from a financial advisor or a registered
financia| broker. Investors shou|d use the information provided in this newsletter as a starting point for gathering additional information on the
profi|ed company to a|low the investor to form their own opinion regarding investment.

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