Re: [Rd] spatstat on Win98 (PR#7715)

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Date: Sun 06 Mar 2005 - 11:10:46 GMT wrote:

> Full_Name: Georg Roth
> Version: R.2.0.1.for Windows
> OS: Win98
> Submission from: (NULL) (

You have submitted two bug reports with two different PR#. Please don't do that!

> Using libraries "spatstat" and "sm" on R.2.0.1. under Windows 98

You are talking about *packages*.

> bug 1)
> the libraries "spatstat" and "sm" are not properly identified by the
> "library()" command on R.2.0.1. (R for Windows98). the libraryname is shown in
> upper case ("SPATSTAT") although the original name is in lower case
> ("spatstat")

So the *package* name is shown in uppercase?

> and no good commentary is available - instead the returned commentary in both
> cases
> reads "**No title available (pre-2.0.0.install?)".

Are these the most recent version of the packages? Version numbers? Are these compiled for R-2.0.1? Did you download the binary versions from CRAN for R-2.0.x? Or do you use self-compiled ones?

Please be more precise when submitting bug reports!

> i suppose the following problem to be connected with the first bug:
> bug 2)
> it is impossible to load the two the libraries "spatstat" and "sm" with the
> command "library(libraryname)". using different versions like
> "library("SPATSTAT")", "library("spatstat")", or "library(spatstat)" and the
> like.

And what does the error message (that one for "library("spaatstat")) tell you? Please be more precise when submitting bug reports!

> the same copies of the two libraries work fine in R.2.0.1. on a Windows2000 PC

Are you really sure?
I guess that the copies are NOT identical, maybe same version number, but at least one (the Win98 one) compiled for R < 2.0.0. I do not have any DOS based Windows version around to test, so we need the details.

Uwe Ligges

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