Re: [Rd] R crashes using the em function of package mclust (PR#7719)

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Date: Mon 07 Mar 2005 - 09:20:43 GMT

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 09:35:39 +0100 (CET), wrote :

>I got the same problem like
>R crashes when I use the em function from the mclust package on
>univariate data and on a special case on bivariate data (when the matrix
>is not provided as written in the manual).
>It seems as if the problem is the format of the data to be analyzed.
>Operating System: Windows XP (SP2)
>R version: R-2.0.1
>The following example causes a crash of R:
># univariate example
>X <- c(rnorm(100, mean=1), rnorm(100, mean=5))
># I also tried: X <- as.matrix(c(rnorm(100, mean=1), rnorm(100, mean=5)))
>Xmap <- cbind(c(rep(1, 100), rep(0, 100)), c(rep(0, 100), rep(1, 100)))
>Xm <- mstep(modelName="V", data=X, z=Xmap)
>em(modelName=Xm$modelName, data=X, mu=Xm$mu, sigmasq=Xm$sigmasq, pro=Xm$pro)

Which version of mclust? I just installed 2.1-8 and ran your code in R-2.0.1 with no problem.

In any case, this looks more like an mclust problem than an R problem; if you're using the current version, you should follow up with the maintainer, Ron Wehrens <>.

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