RE: [Rd] CRAN Task Views: ctv package available

From: Gorjanc Gregor <>
Date: Sat 12 Mar 2005 - 16:00:52 GMT


First of all congratulations for a nice approach to present "R fields" in more coherent way. When I started with R I was often frustrated with long list of packages, similarities between them, ... If I would take a slow approach (one thing at a time) things would be easier from the start, but usually one wants to know what a new program is capable of. This is esential if one wants really to switch to R.

About ctv:

>> Paul Gilbert wrote:
>> For my own purposes the "Econometrics" view is just fine, but I do 
>> sometimes get questions about dse from people in fields that are 
>> different enough that they might not even know to look in 
>> "Econometrics." A time series view might be useful even if it only
>> said see also ... .  Another approach to this might be to have
>> sub-views so, for example, "Econometrics" and "Control theory" could
>> both point to "Time series."

> Achim Zeileis responded:
> Yes, that is, of course, an obvious idea but it requires more
> coordination between the different views, hence we've decided not to
> support hierarchically ordered views.
> Re: "ControlTheory". If someone would raise his hand and provide a view
> for that, it would be great. It could, of course, link to the
> "Econometrics" view (and vice versa) but they wouldn't have a formally
> defined subset in a "TimeSeries" view.

I think that there is a lot of "fields" where this views cover the same stuff. When I first read about ctv I thought it will be implemented more in somewhat "hierarchical" or kind of "multiple" way, since for example linear models come usefull in many different fields and some people might never look under "Econometrics" view as Paul stated.

I realize that "hierarchical/multiple" is far from easy and I do not have any clear idea how to implement it, but it would probably easier to maintain larger set of views in such a way and it would be easier to generate new ones.

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