Write Barrier: was: [Rd] function-like macros undefined

From: Vadim Ogranovich <vograno_at_evafunds.com>
Date: Wed 16 Mar 2005 - 18:34:56 GMT


Thank you to Duncan Murdoch for pointing to http://www.stat.uiowa.edu/~luke/R/barrier.html. I have a couple of questions in this regard:

int * xIPtr = INTEGER(x);
int i;

for (i=0; i<LENGTH(x); ++i)

     SET_VECTOR_ELT(x, i, xIPtr[i]+1);

is the recommended way of doing it. However it seems that only the very first call to SET_VECTOR_ELT, i.e. the one that corresponds to i=0, is strictly necessary. For example, and this is my question, the following should be perfectly safe:

SET_VECTOR_ELT(x, 0, xIPtr[0]);

for (i=0; i<LENGTH(x); ++i)


Admittedly this looks a bit odd and breaks if LENGTH(x) is zero, but it illustrates the point.


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