Re: [Rd] Ctrl-c crashes R when run as sudo (PR#7819)

From: <>
Date: Tue 26 Apr 2005 - 15:34:24 GMT

On Tue, 2005-04-26 at 16:47 +0200, wrote:
> I tried to submit this in R, but not sure if it worked.
> When running R as sudo, using ctrl-c dumps me to the command line.
> Hitting exit to exit the terminal window results in R taking 100% of
> resources.
> I am using R-2.1.0 on Fedora Core 3.
> Thanks.
> Manuel

I suspect that we are going to need more information.

Running on a fully updated FC3 box using Xfce's Terminal, gnome-terminal and kconsole, I cannot duplicate this issue either as a user or as root using sudo.

Attach the output of:

> R.version

Was there a program running in R at the time, or were you at the R prompt when you hit ctrl-c?

Which desktop environment and terminal emulator are you using?

Have you perhaps re-mapped ctrl-c using modified keybindings?

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