From: Gabor Grothendieck <>
Date: Thu 09 Jun 2005 - 20:16:21 GMT

On 6/9/05, Achim Zeileis <> wrote:
> On Thu, 9 Jun 2005 15:41:32 -0400 Gabor Grothendieck wrote:
> > I have NEWS, WISHLIST and THANKS files in the 'dyn' package
> > in the same directory as the DESCRIPTION file but I noticed that they
> > did not survive the move to CRAN, at least on Windows.
> Moving to CRAN per se has nothing to do with this. If the files have
> been in the source package you submitted (they have been, including a
> safety copy DESCRIPTION~ which you might want to eliminate in future
> versions), they are also in the source package on CRAN.
> The point is that they are not installed and hence not included in
> binary packages.
> > How do I incorporate them so that they are not omitted?
> Put them into the inst/ subdirectory, then they will also be installed.
> Z

Thanks, all. I think the manual could be more specific on this point. I reread it based on Duncan's comment but did not see the advice given in this thread there. What it does say is that README, NEWS and ChangeLog "will be ignored by R" but is that supposed to mean that it deletes them or just does not process them as part of the automated documentation or what? I guess it means that it does not propogate them into the installed version but if that's the case it should say so and tell you what to do to get them to appear.

Just to confirm I assume that if I place these files and also the README which I forgot to mention) in inst they automatically get copied to the main directory at installation (where my DESCRIPTION file is) -- or is there something that I have to do to have this happen? mailing list Received on Fri Jun 10 06:20:38 2005

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