Re: [Rd] memory allocation problem under linux

From: <>
Date: Mon 13 Jun 2005 - 10:12:14 GMT

Scrive Prof Brian Ripley <ripley at>:

> You keep on sending similar messages -- this is at least the third. You
> need to find out where the segfault is occurring using gdb, and you have
> not told us.

Sorry for the repeated post (in 2 different mailing lists). Tnx for your suggestion. Now I think I've found the problem. Try this: ////file foo.c
#include <R.h>
int **box;
void foo(){
  int i;
  box = (int**)R_alloc(1, sizeof(int *)); }
Compiled with R CMD SHLIB foo.c
In R:

*Segmentation fault*
The problem disappears when the declaration of 'box' comes inside the function foo... Is this a bug?

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