[Rd] Use of PACKAGE= argument in .C etc calls

From: Prof Brian Ripley <ripley_at_stats.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Mon 20 Jun 2005 - 09:16:04 GMT

As from R 2.0.0, R CMD check has not flagged .C etc calls without a PACKAGE argument in packages with a namespace. Unfortunately that was based on too optimistic assumptions.

  1. The mechanism to find the DLL from the namespace only works if the DLL is declared via a useDynLib declaration in NAMESPACE (and only if there is one such declaration). This is checked in R-devel.
  2. In 2.1.1, the mechanism only finds the DLL correctly for functions defined at the top level in a namespace, and not for example for functions defined inside functions or as S4 methods. There is an enhanced mechanism in R-devel.
  3. Prior to 2.1.1, a bug meant that the mechanism often found the incorrect namespace, and there was not mechanism at all prior to 2.0.0 (I believe).

For compatibility with 2.1.x and earlier a PACKAGE= argument is needed in many more calls than are flagged by R-devel's 'check'. To check this, use

> library(tools)
> checkFF("my_package", verbose=TRUE)

for example:

> checkFF("mgcv", verbose=TRUE)
.C("construct_cr", ...): OK
.C("predict_tprs", ...): OK
.C("MinimumSeparation", ...): OK
.C("update_beta", ...): MISSING but in a function in a namespace
.C("update_beta", ...): MISSING but in a function in a namespace
.C("magic", ...): OK
.C("mgcv", ...): OK
.C("RMonoCon", ...): OK
.C("RPCLS", ...): OK
.C("construct_cr", ...): OK
.C("construct_tprs", ...): OK
.C("RuniqueCombs", ...): OK

where the qualified MISSING reports need attention.

Botton line: always use a PACKAGE= argument unless you are only intending your package to be used with (pre-)2.2.0 or later.

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