Re: [Rd] Rgui bug in Windows: leftover download dialog (PR#7964)

From: <>
Date: Thu 23 Jun 2005 - 16:58:35 GMT

On 6/22/2005 4:15 PM, wrote:
> In Windows, if a download is interrupted (by switching to the console
> window and hitting ESC), the download status dialog can be left
> onscreen, with no apparent way to get rid of it (other than stopping and
> restarting R).
> To duplicate:
> Run this:
> a <- available.packages()
> download.packages(a, 'c:/temp')
> Then, during a particularly long download, switch to the console window
> and hit ESC.
> This affects R-devel, as well as 2.1.1.

Now fixed in R-devel and R-patched. I also set it so the dialog retains its position if you move it out of the way; it was pretty irritating to have it pop up in the middle of the screen every time in a multiple file download.

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