Re: [Rd] How difficult is it to wrap a large C++ library with R?

From: Bo Peng <>
Date: Tue 05 Jul 2005 - 04:16:57 GMT

> There was a couple of posts about this recently:

I am too new to this list to see these discussions. They are quite interesting!

Certainly I was not aware of the big differences between C++/Python OOP and S3/S4 OOP. This explains why I skipped the OOP part of the red S-Plus manual when I was learning S-Plus: I was not able to get the ideas although I was an experienced C++ programmer. Regardless of the question of 'which OOP is better', I certainly agree with Nathan's opinion that R has lost many users/developers who only know C++/Python OOP. I think I would better continue to use Python to wrap my C++ code (until Ali find a good way to automatically wrap C++ code, or SWIG adds R support). It is simply much easier and more efficient. Destructing my C++ classes into C pieces and reconstruct them in S4 way would be tedious, and the performance penalty will most possibly be disastrous for this simulation environment.

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