Re: [Rd] call fortran in R

From: Simon Urbanek <>
Date: Thu 04 Aug 2005 - 18:18:04 GMT

On Aug 4, 2005, at 1:38 PM, Sébastien Durand wrote:

> Ok, I am presently updating my system.
> How do you set
> setenv gcc /usr/local/bin/gfortran.

That won't help even if you do it in bash - this is wrong! (F77=gfortran is what may help if you want to re-compile R with gcc4).

If you are using CRAN binary, you cannot use gfortran! gcc3 and 4 are not compatible.

With stock CRAN binary and the supplied g77 (Tiger on a G5) a simple (silly) example:

gammu:urbanek$ cat fts.f

       subroutine ffoo(a)
       double precision a(1)

       a(1) = 1.0d0

gammu:urbanek$ R CMD SHLIB fts.f
g77 -fno-common -g -O2 -c fts.f -o fts.o gcc-3.3 -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress -L/usr/local/lib - o fts.o -L/usr/local/lib/gcc/powerpc-apple-darwin6.8/3.4.2 - lg2c -lSystem -lcc_dynamic -framework R

gammu:urbanek$ nm |grep T
00000fec T _ffoo_

R> dyn.load("")
R> .Fortran("ffoo",as.double(10))
[1] 1

R> is.loaded(symbol.For("ffoo"))
[1] TRUE
R> symbol.For("ffoo")
[1] "ffoo_"

So ... there must be something fundamentally wrong with your setup, otherwise I see no reason why you should have any problems. Maybe you should send us the code pus exact transcript of your attempt...

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