Re: [Rd] Shutdown by to much data (PR#8065)

From: <>
Date: Mon 15 Aug 2005 - 15:04:27 GMT wrote:
> Full_Name: Jan Bentlage
> Version: 2.1.1
> OS: Windows
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> I loaded a huge database (textfile, semikolon seperated) by read.csv2. The data
> already appeared in the list (by ls()). When I want to view the data in the
> editor, R completly crashes.

Please put together a reproducible example. This might be a data editor bug or a bug in read.csv2 or something specific to your system.

For example, create a data.frame of the same size containing simulated values, then see if you can edit that. If you can, write it out to a file, and see if you can read it in.

A bug report that is as vague as yours isn't likely to be acted on.

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