[Rd] yaxs in bxp() (PR#8072)

From: <arnima_at_u.washington.edu>
Date: Tue 16 Aug 2005 - 19:26:21 GMT

It would be easy to add 'yaxs' support to bxp(), which can aid visual comparison when the lower limit is zero. The two lines from boxplot.R that would change are:

  plot.window(ylim=c(0.5,n+0.5), xlim=ylim, log=log) to
  plot.window(ylim=c(0.5,n+0.5), xlim=ylim, xaxs=pars$yaxs, log=log)


  plot.window(xlim=c(0.5,n+0.5), ylim=ylim, log=log) to
  plot.window(xlim=c(0.5,n+0.5), ylim=ylim, yaxs=pars$yaxs, log=log)

Boxplots already respond to a global par(yaxs="i"), and I think users would appreciate support for the local graphical parameter as well.


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