Re: [Rd] Questions on "\" vs "/" on Windows

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Sat 20 Aug 2005 - 14:54:45 GMT

On Sat, 20 Aug 2005, Seth Falcon wrote:

> A recent thread on R-help reminded me of some questions I have
> regarding the path separator on Windows.
> The thread: [R] using paste and "\" to create a valid filename
> The question:
> What are the use-cases where "\" is required for paths passed as
> character vectors from within R?

  1. A few Windows utilities require \, so we try to always use \ in paths exported e.g. when using system()/shell(). No Windows API call does, it appears.

Uwe Ligges reported that on his system Mozilla 1.7.3 did in file:// URLs, (although it did not on mine) so we altered the HTML help print method

2) Some Windows users file bug reports when they see / in a path. So to keep them happy (or at least out of our hair) we tend to use \ in messages, and in normalizePath().

> My experience has been that "/" always works and "\" often fails due
> to escaping issues (the user's fault). A pathalogical example
> that I _have_ encountered due to temp file naming on Windows:
> > badpath <- "foo\\2\\bar"
> > root <- "c:\\HERE\\file.txt"
> > gsub("HERE", badpath, root)
> Error in gsub("HERE", badpath, root) : invalid backreference 2 in regular expression
> Using file.path is recommended as a best practice, but AFAICT, it
> forces "\" on Windows.

Wrong (how did you 'T'?). On Windows:

> file.path("foo", "bar")

[1] "foo/bar"

> Why not have file.path dynamically read .Platform$file.sep
> so that in code that uses file.path one could modify
> .Platform$file.sep and change the behavior of all subsequent file.path
> calls?

It _does_ dynamically read .Platform$file.sep, and it has an fsep argument so you can do

file.path("foo", "bar", fsep="\\")

Beware though of namespaces: you would need to change .Platform$file.sep in the base namespace (which you can do):

> .Platform$file.sep <- ":"
> assignInNamespace(".Platform", .Platform, "base")
> file.path("foo", "bar")

[1] "foo:bar"

> Python's os.path.join function behaves similarly to R's: changing
> os.sep doesn't change the behavior of os.path.join.
> .Platform$file.sep = "/" and change the behavior of all subsequent
> calls.
> With both languages, I've found that for glue-code type tasks,
> sticking to "/" on Windows is much easier and I've been frustrated by
> the built-in path handling function.

Why, as R's uses "/"? I wonder if you did consult the help pages before posting ....

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