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From: Nigel Sim <>
Date: Sun 21 Aug 2005 - 22:31:05 GMT

Firstly, thanks for all the quick replies.

> Can you let me know what went wrong with SSOAP? It would be
> good to fix this and I am about to turn my attention to it anyway.
Well, I could not get SSOAP to pass the xmlns which specifies the set of services being requested in the place where soapanywhere expected it. SSOAP namespaced the actual function call <ns1:fun1 xmlns:ns1="service"> while soapanywhere wanted it declared in the envelope namespace declarations. SO, I don't really think it is a problem with the SSOAP implementation, rather it is probably an incomplete implementation of soap in soapanywhere.

If anyone knows of a more complete, embedded java soap implementation please let me know. AXIS would be nice, but I've not found how to deploy it without a tomcat style container.

> As for the "RCORBA" package - what precisely are you referring to?
> I don't think there is a package named RCORBA, perhaps you mean
> RSCORBA. If so, yes it is quite old. It can be updated
> and indeed I have a plan that I might connect it to Orbit.
> But if RSCORBA didn't compile, you might want to mention which
> CORBA implementation you were trying to use: it was setup to use
> 3.

And yes, RSCORBA is what I was referring to, and I was trying to compile it against orbit (a la Gnome).

> As for what people typically use to connect to Java.
> There is Rserve. There is RSJava.
> I think your desire to use a standard protocol is a very
> good one. There are far too many ad hoc solutions that don't
> do have limited functionality, such as callbacks.
> On Windows, DCOM client and server and event packages are available.
> And there are MPI or PVM packages which implement a form of IPC.
> Do you absolutely need to have a middle-tier of going through
> the server to get to the DBMS? It is often a good design,
> but if you can go straight to the DBMS, then that would be
> esier and more efficient.

The architecture is that both R and Java directly access the DB for data storage and retrieval. R calls to Java are simply to invoke some datamining function (from the WEKA package), and to query where execution is up to. There is no proxying of data.

R -----> Java

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> Please let me know what went wrong with the SSOAP package.
> D.
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> > I'm sure with persistence I can get both working, but I would like to
> > hear others experiences before I invest the time.
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> > Thank you for your time.
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