Re: [Rd] Functions with the same name: best practices

From: Gabor Grothendieck <>
Date: Tue 23 Aug 2005 - 03:19:28 GMT

On 8/22/05, hadley wickham <> wrote:
> Ok, here's another best practices question - let's say I'm writing a
> package and I want to use a function name that is already claimed by a
> function in the base R packages. For the sake of argument, let's
> pretend this function is for profiling the performance of a function
> (like Rprof for example), and so an obvious name that comes to mind is
> profile. This, of course, clashes with the built in profile for
> "investigating behavior of objective function near the solution
> represented by fitted."
> A little thinking and a quick survey of other packages reveal some
> possible solutions:
> * capitalise the function differently (eg. Profile)
> * use a prefix/suffic (eg. Rprof)
> * use a thesaurus
> * use namespaces (and rely on others to use namespaces correctly in
> their code/packages)
> What would you suggest?

profile is a generic so if your function has the same purpose but for a different class you can just create a new method. mailing list Received on Tue Aug 23 13:22:47 2005

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