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From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Tue 23 Aug 2005 - 10:26:52 GMT wrote:
> Several times my packages have fallen foul of the latex check at the
> uploading-to-CRAN stage, creating extra work for Kurt Hornik. I've never
> bothered trying to get latex working on my own packages (happy with
> vanilla help) but am told that "latex is the closest thing to a syntax
> checker for Rd files" and that I should set it up. Now, there is already
> a latex on my (Windows XP) system thanks to the program Scientific Word,
> which comes with TCITex. However, RCMD etc don't recognize this latex at
> the moment. Does anyone have any advice on what might be needed to make
> RCMD use SciWord's installation of TCITex-- paths, environment
> variables, etc etc?

I have no experience with TCITex, but what you need to do is make sure the commands that R needs are on your path. Those include "latex", "pdflatex", and possibly others I've forgotten: try building a binary copy of your package and you'll get errors if you haven't got them in place.

You also need that TCITex follows the usual practice of using an environment variable to accept additional directories to search. MikTex doesn't, and it causes lots of trouble for people. This is the main reason I haven't recommended MikTex over fptex even though I use it; MikTex seems less stable about its interface.

Duncan Murdoch
> Various R docs recommend fptex or MikTex implementations of latex, but
> I'm a bit reluctant to put these on, primarily in case doing so somehow
> stuffs up the workings of Scientific Word in a way that I don't know
> enough to fix. In case it's not obvious already, I should add that I am
> blissfully ignorant about how latex works-- that's one of my reasons for
> using Scientific Word.
> Thanks for any advice
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