Re: [Rd] weigths in boxplot

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Tue 23 Aug 2005 - 13:06:34 GMT

>>>>> "Erich" == Erich Neuwirth <>
>>>>> on Sun, 21 Aug 2005 18:51:20 +0200 writes:

    Erich> In R 2.2.0 density now can work with weighted
    Erich> obesrvations.  It would be nice if boxplot also would
    Erich> accept a weight parameter, then one could produce
    Erich> consistent density estimators and boxplots.

    Erich> Could the developers consider adding this feature?

The first thing I'd want is quantile() with weights --- which I personally find quite interesting and have wanted several times in the past --- not wanted enough to implement though.

I'm interested to hear of (or even see C or R implementations of) fast algorithms for "weight quantiles". Code contributions are welcome too..

(And yes, I do know that boxplots are base on "hinges" rather than  quartiles but that's less interesting here.)

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