Re: [Rd] Functions with the same name: best practices

From: Prof Brian Ripley <>
Date: Fri 26 Aug 2005 - 15:45:57 GMT

On Fri, 26 Aug 2005, hadley wickham wrote:

> Thanks to all of you for your advice. I will read up on namespaces and
> start using them to "protect" my internal function from name clashes
> with other packages, and endeavour to my public functions unique
> names.
> I know other languages (eg. python) separate loading a package and
> including it in the default namespace, do you think R will ever move
> to such a system?

I don't follow the terminology here, but in R you can load a namespace without making the exports visible, which sounds like what you are asking. In R `loading a package' means making its objects visible from the top-level scope.

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