Re: [Rd] Free-form to fixed-form Fortran

From: Ales Ziberna <>
Date: Sat 27 Aug 2005 - 08:27:43 GMT

Thank you for your reply!

I know I can use g77 with -ffree-form. However, I do not know how to make a package so that when others would build a package, these subrutines would compile with "-ffree-form". I heard of "makevars" and flags, however I read on the mailing list archives that they are ignored on Windows.



On Aug 26, 2005, at 10:36 AM, Aleš Žiberna wrote:

> I have writen some subrutines in Free-form Fortran. I would like to
> includ
> them in a package, which I would like to build on WinXP. I have all
> suggested tools/programs for bulding R packages on Windows (except
> latex).
> What is the best way of using these subrutines? Does sombody mybe
> know any
> translation tools for converting Free-form to fixed-form Fortran?

If your only concern is to build it, you may try using g77 with - ffree-form. This should work with GNU Fortran. However, that limits the availability of your package to GNU compilers only.

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