Re: [Rd] .Call and Segmentation Fault

From: Ricardo Luiz Andrade Abrantes <>
Date: Sun 28 Aug 2005 - 16:10:06 GMT

> It cannot be .Call: your .Call passed no parameters so there was nothing
> to be uninitialized. I did ask you why you were doing that.

This .Call without parameters is just for a test. I am constructing an interface to this C/Fortran optimization package, and because this segmentation fault problem, I decided to modify the interface for a simple test: call a C function that initialize the set of variables wich describe the problem to be solved (wich supose to be done in R) and call the optimization package. But my surprise was that the program when called from R gives me the same segmentation fault error. But when I compile the program as a regular linux binary and run it from shell I don't get any problem. That's why I thought it could be a problem with .Call.  

> .Call is very heavily tested in lots of R applications, so the prior
> probability of innocence must be very high.

Thanks professor, I will check the C program again.


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