Re: [Rd] Packages that require other packages - How?

From: Duncan Murdoch <>
Date: Wed 09 Nov 2005 - 20:03:26 GMT

On 11/9/2005 1:31 PM, Kasper Daniel Hansen wrote:

> On Nov 9, 2005, at 9:22 AM, Duncan Murdoch wrote:

>> On 11/9/2005 11:50 AM, Gavin Simpson wrote:
>>> Dear list,
>>> The help page for library/require contains the following paragraph in
>>> the section "Packages that require other packages":
>>> The source code for a package that requires one or more other
>>> packages should have a call to 'require', preferably near the
>>> beginning of the source, and of course before any code that uses
>>> functions, classes or methods from the other package.
>>> Now, I'm being very dense today, but I don't know where to put such a
>>> call to require.
>>> My package has added methods for a generic function supplied by
>>> another
>>> package. I have listed this package in the Depends field in my
>>> What do I need to do to have the package that my package depends
>>> on be
>>> attached when I call library or require to attach my package?
>>> Apologies for being dense...
>> You can either put a call to require() in the function that needs it
>> (which would be the best solution if that function is relatively
>> rarely
>> used), or in the startup code (in .First.lib, .onLoad, or .onAttach:
>> see the manual for the differences) if you make extensive use of the
>> other package.
> But isn't it true that the introduction of the DEPENDS field in the  
> description file, largely makes calls to require obsolete? My  
> impression is that require calls are mostly used to make examples  
> execute if the depend on a suggested package. I may be wrong of course.

No, you're right, I was wrong.

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