Re: [Rd] make check fails for R 2.3.0 (PR#8343)

From: Martin Maechler <>
Date: Tue 22 Nov 2005 - 16:34:34 GMT

>>>>> "Arne" == Arne Henningsen <> >>>>> on Tue, 22 Nov 2005 16:19:19 +0100 writes:


>> You are reporting as a bug in R a problem on your own system in an=20
>> unreleased ('unstable') version of R.

    Arne> I used this version to check my R packages because the     Arne> packages on CRAN are checked by R-devel, too.

>> Since it is unstable and
>> unreleased, such things are by definition not bugs in R.

    Arne> Sorry, I did not know this. I thought that my report could help you.     Arne> The next time when I will find an error in R-devel I won't report it.

No; please do "report" the problem, which may be useful for development, but please do *NOT* use the bug repository, and probably don't assume it's a bug in R, unless you have quite a bit experience about R bugs and non-bugs.

Instead, just send e-mail to R-devel and explain, and you may actually helping R development, particularly if you are willing to investigate some details that we ma ask you about.

>> Others are not seeing this, so we cannot do anything
>> about the problems=20 seen on your system. This is not
>> at all a new test, and although random=20 it is run with
>> set.seed(1). I can reproduce the result in the output
>> file= =20 (on my systems) exactly by
>> > set.seed(1)
>> > hist(replicate(100, mean(rexp(10))))
>> Please see if you can debug it on your own system. (My guess would be=20
>> that it only occurs as part of the test file.)

    Arne> Yes, that's exactly the case. If you want any further
    Arne> information please don't hesitate to contact
    Arne> me. Otherwise I won't bother you anymore with this
    Arne> issue.

Too bad.
It might have been interesting to see what

 replicate(100, mean(rexp(10)))

or also

 hist(replicate(100, mean(rexp(10))))


gives on your R-devel installation.
That's why Brian Ripley helped you by mentioning 'set.seed(1)'.

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