Re: [Rd] ???UNSURE??? Re: (PR#8363) R CMD INSTALL fails if cd prints

From: <>
Date: Wed 07 Dec 2005 - 12:34:55 GMT

On Monday 05 December 2005 14:28, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> >> What shells are these?
> >
> > Bash, mostly, but also ksh and zsh; sorry for not mentioning this.
> I still don't know what you did to be able to reproduce this (and I did
> ask).

It turns ou that I was not quite correct regarding the cause of cd printing the 'new' directory. It is due to having the CDPATH set. If it is, the POSIX standard requires 'cd' to print to stdout the new directory. So to reproduce, run a bash or ksh shell, and do

  CDPATH='.:..' # a commonly used value for $CDPATH   R CMD INSTALL SomePackage

> And as it is a shell script running under /bin/sh, it must be
> whatever is masquerading as Bourne shell on your system(s) that is
> affected.

yes; it is fairly common for Linux systems to have have /bin/sh be a symlink to /bin/bash (which I'm not sure is always a good idea). But the issue will affect any POSIX-compliant shell.

> But it _is_ so required:

Sorry, I missed that. And I agree that it's the most logical thing to do when cd fails.

> How old are `older SunOSes'? Solaris 8 (which is 4 years old) is
> POSIX-compilant here, and I would be surprised if any from the last decade
> was not (at least with suitable paths set).

SunOS 5.7 (which admittedly is ancient; I can't find the year, is currently unreachable for me) doesn't do it.

> Our philosphy is to assume that the users tools are standard (e.g. POSIX)
> unless there is widespread evidence to the contrary.

The script already contains various '> /dev/null'; my patch just adds another two, inside the get_packages function, just to avoid any output that the cd-command might happen to have. I would not have thought this to be so controversial. Regards,


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