Re: [Rd] R for Windows GUI Front-End Problem (PR#3364)

From: Pathik <>
Date: Thu 15 Dec 2005 - 20:42:59 GMT

Dear Programmers,

    I encounter following error,while loading vector.

> pam_Test<- ReadAffy()

Error: cannot allocate vector of size 312879 Kb In addition: Warning messages:
1: Reached total allocation of 1024Mb: see help(memory.size) 2: Reached total allocation of 1024Mb: see help( memory.size)

I also changed headers to use maximum memory as i am having 4GB of physical memory in my machine.but still i am facing problem.

Is ther any other soution?

Pathik Patel
Graduate Student,
UNIX is an operating system, OS/2 is half an operating system, Windows is a shell, and DOS is a boot partition virus

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