Re: [Rd] AppleScript commands don't execute until mouse over console window (PR#8405)

From: Simon Urbanek <>
Date: Fri 16 Dec 2005 - 19:30:11 GMT

Thanks, Jonathan! I have now committed a slight variation of your patch in the current Mac-GUI.


On Dec 16, 2005, at 7:30 AM, wrote:

> I am sending commands to R via AppleScript (specifically, from
> SubEthaEdit to instruct it to source the file I'm currently
> editing). R doesn't respond to the AppleScript until I move the
> mouse over R's console window.
> The following patch to the Mac GUI (against current svn trunk)
> resolves the problem, by posting a dummy event to wake up the event
> queue after the command has been stuffed into the input buffer. mailing list Received on Sat Dec 17 06:34:55 2005

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