[Rd] Bug in acepack (PR#2352)

From: <vikram_at_mayin.org>
Date: Fri 16 Dec 2005 - 23:47:05 GMT

This ancient bug was tracked to the acepack library, line 556 in line src/avas.f

 The troublesome line is:

        if (x(n).gt.x(1)) go to 30

 Since the input arguments are empty, referencing x(1) and x(n) cause a Segmentation fault, and cause R to crash. Acepack author and maintainer Rob Tibshirani <tibs@utstat.toronto.edu> has been contacted with this information. This is not a bug with R, but with acepack, and should be closed.

Neha Pandey <neha.pandey@gmail.com>
Vikram Aggarwal <vikram@mayin.org>

Vikram Aggarwal: http://www.mayin.org/~aragorn/

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