Re: [Rd] CRAN and R v2.2.1 for Windows

From: Peter Dalgaard <>
Date: Wed 21 Dec 2005 - 15:49:47 GMT

Henrik Bengtsson <> writes:

> Thanks for the new updates in v2.2.1.
> I just noticed a few "problems" on
> 1) The CHANGES and NEWS files for v2.2.1 does not include info on v2.2.1
> but only details up until v2.2.0, cf.

They have info for "R 2.2.0 patched" and 2.2.1 is just a frozen version of that. I.e., the only problem is that we forgot to change the heading (and that nobody bothered to check for this sort of thing in the 2-week beta period!).

I noticed the issue just after building the release, but decided that it wasn't worth messing with the SVN tags for something as small as this.  

> 2) The patched version is now denoted "beta" (files and installation
> directory), which I believe is misleading since it is a patch of the
> "stable" version.

"2.2.0 Patched" is changed to "2.2.1 beta" during the beta period. The release script ends with

echo $REL "Patched" > VERSION
svn commit -m "setup patch version"

so I believe this is a temporary situation and that r-patched will become "2.2.1 Patched" next time around.

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