Re: [Rd] SVN-REVSION altered when building R-devel out of tree from last snapshot

From: Herve Pages <>
Date: Wed 21 Dec 2005 - 21:14:56 GMT

Martin Maechler wrote:

> Herve> Today I downloaded and compiled the last R-devel snapshot.
> Herve> The SVN-REVISION in the tarball contains the following:
> Herve> Revision: 36792
> Herve> Last Changed Date: 2005-12-18
> Herve> But after compiling on Unix (I compiled out of tree),
>i.e. "in a separate build directory tree"
> Herve> I ended up with an SVN-REVSION file containing:
> Herve> Revision: unknown
> Herve> Last Changed Date: Today
> Herve> in the build tree.
>I can confirm this wrong behavior (Linux Redhat EL4).
>There must be something not yet perfect in our 'make' setup
>there. If we are not in the srcdir, we create a 'non-tarball'
>file which I think is wrong; in any case, this is buglet we'll fix.
Hi Martin,

This problem was fixed in today's R-devel tarball (R-devel_2005-12-20.tar.bz2).


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