Re: [Rd] Build error on Mac OS X

From: Simon Urbanek <>
Date: Thu 22 Dec 2005 - 05:41:51 GMT


On Dec 21, 2005, at 6:12 PM, Herve Pages wrote:

> I don't get that problem with R-devel daily snapshots from before
> 2005-12-14
> and I get it with (almost) all snaphots between 2005-12-14 and today.

Strange - I have only failure on 2005/12/17 - all others built fine (same system: 7.9.0). Did you try the SVN checkout? I can't test the current tar-ball on the Panther machine, because it's running the nightly builds right now...

(FWIW those configure parameters are both superfluous on OS X as of R 2.2.0)

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